Table Bouquet

In the attempt to immortalize flowers, Sybrandy made a series of photocopies of bouquets. From 3D to 2D through one push of the button. The older the copier, the more grains and stamp, the more abstract the design. From one of the copies Sybrandy made a weft, turning the image into a tablecloth. The bouquet that once stood on the table has become the basis for a different bouquet.

100% organic cotton
manufactured in the Dutch Textile Museum
Dimensions table cloth
sizes & prices
table damask (265x150cm) € 250,-
table damask incl. 6 napkins A2 size € 400,-
table damask incl. 6 napkins A3 size € 340,-
small table damask (105x160cm) € 150,-
Dimensions set of 6 napkins
napkins A3 size (30x42cm) € 17,50
napkins A2 size (60x42cm) € 27,50
sales by Studio Sybrandy