The becoming of today

The present is a moment where the events of the past and our wishes for the future come together. Taken from found photo albums, these family pictures represent moments from previous lives. Their histories remain unknown to us, nevertheless, we project our narratives and dreams to these images. The bubbles work as a distortion, creating new temporalities and embodying life’s ephemerality.

Throughout history, the bubble has been regarded as a symbol for infinity and unity, enclosing the whole of life. Simultaneously, bubbles denote life’s transience and momentary existence. On these photographs the bubbles allow for a space beyond any temporality where the past lives become part of another existence and imaginary narrative.

printed 300 grams paper
set of 5 postcards A5 (210x148) with envelope
€ 12,50
made in Holland
sales by studio Sybrandy

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